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Celebrate the Spring Awakening with Sister Wicked

A Day of Beauty, Wellness & Ritual | Saturday, April 6, 2019

Frances McManus
Anti-aging Face Massage 
11am to 12pm

Offered at $15 for 1 hour class.  A personal gift comes with each class. Please wear an open neck top.

Come to enjoy, and experience, what can be a daily routine that can deepen the appreciation of your absolutely perfect face. Using oils, flower essences, essential oils, you will massage your lymphatics and thyroid. I also include hand techniques & hand reflexology to increase blood supply to brain/scalp.  

Frances is a Certified Hand/Foot Reflexologist (20 years),Yoga Instructor, Craniosacral Therapist and Lover of All things Kind, Harmonious and Beautiful. 

Frances has a Capricorn Sun. Gina Germond is her great friend and personal astrologer.  

Gina Germond 
New Moon Ritual & Honoring the Nature Spirits
12:30 to 2pm


In this class you’ll learn about the new moon in Aries and how to plan a ritual so you can set your intentions and plant your seeds for the lunar cycle. We’ll also be making offerings to the Elemental Spirits & Deities, who work to purify what we create with our negative thoughts, words & deeds. 

Gina learned of her zodiac sign at age 8 and has been on a continuous quest to expand and broaden her knowledge of astrology ever since. She is the owner of Sister Wicked and still enjoys playing outside, especially in the spring.

Kori Mitchell
Tincture Making 101
2:30 to 4pm

Learn how to make herbal tinctures using the folk method as well as standardized method. 

Kori is a self-taught woman in herbal studies, and has been for much of her adult life. She is a licensed RN, board certified Massage Therapist , and the owner of Through the Woods; Massage & Skin Care products. She is passionate about teaching & encouraging people to trust their bodies, so they may heal themselves. 

Rosey Warner
Ongoing from 12 to 5 


Rosey is a Reiki Healing Practitioner, since 1998. It has been an amazing opportunity for much self healing for her, as well as helping others help themselves. Reiki Healing energy continues to be a source of spiritual maturity for her. 

Gina Germond 
Tarot Card Readings
2pm to 5pm
$30 for 1/2 hour


Relax, set your intention and sit back while Gina lays out a beautiful & insightful spread of cards. Working with 6 decks, Gina’s readings not only give indications, guidelines, and clarification, they also delight the eye & stir the soul. 



Browse and shop Sister Wicked, as well as some other special vendors who will be joining us for the day.